Each episode is categorized to make finding deal analysis with certain characteristics easier. Check out some of the categories below to see related episodes.

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Private Mortgage Insurance

Has Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI).

Variable Interest Rate

Has variable mortgage interest rate.

Fixed Interest Rate

Has fixed mortgage interest rate.

Variable Appreciation Rate

Has variable appreciation rate.

Fixed Appreciation Rate

Has fixed appreciation rate.

Variable Rent Appreciation Rate

Has variable rent appreciation rate.

Fixed Rent Appreciation Rate

Has fixed rent appreciation rate.


Non-owner-occupant deal.

Payoff Mortgage with Cash Flow

Payoff mortgage with cash flow.


Modeling the BRRRR strategy.

Buying at a Discount

Models buying properties at a discount.

Buying Down Interest Rate

Buying down interest rate on mortgage.

No Seller Concessions

No seller concessions.

Cash Out Refi

Modeling cash out refinances.


Episodes that are available for free with registration.


Northern Colorado Real Estate Investor Group (NCREIG).

Brian's Spreadsheet

Uses Brian's Spreadsheet.

Bigger Pockets Calculator

Uses Bigger Pockets calculator.

Master Deal-Maker

Master Deal-Maker

Lease-Option Deal

Lease-option deal.

Traditional Financing

Traditional mortgage financing.

20% Down Payment Financing

20% down payment financing.

25% Down Payment Financing

25% down payment financing.

15% Down Payment Financing

15% down payment financing.

Free Spreadsheet Download

Free spreadsheet download.

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